Tech breaking your heart?I've got you.

As an online business owner, do you find yourself...

  • Googling how to do things you barely understand?

  • Clicking around with fear and trepidation that you might break something?

  • Slamming your mouse (and maybe even shedding a tear) when something doesn't work?

  • Spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out the back end of platforms, automations, tracking, and other foreign languages?

You and I both know all of the technical stuff is part of running a business that's online in some form. This is no surprise to anyone.But I'm guessing your genius and talents lie in other areas. (Or maybe you really are tech savvy, but you just don't have the time.)At the risk of sounding a little nutty, I find tech setup and troubleshooting energizing. Recreational, even. I'm not just amazing at it... I truly love it!When I need medical attention, I don't want to see a doctor who googles my symptoms and comes across like she'd rather be anywhere else. I want someone with the experience and confidence to diagnose and treat my issues and who also finds satisfaction in serving her patients.That is who I am as Your Tech BFF. You get my ninja skills combined with a sincere passion for what I get to do for my clients.

VIP Day Tech Intensive

Imagine someone doing for you in a day (!) what would take you days or even weeks to research, figure out, and implement.
(All with your fingers crossed that you're doing it correctly.)
That tech setup you've been putting off or those broken pieces you've been ignoring? I've got you!My skills + intense focus will take so much off your business plate before you even fill your dinner plate!Here's how it works:

lisa davis
fearless homeschoolers

"Melissa, you are an absolute Tech Goddess. Seriously! What you did in one day would have taken me weeks or months. I was blown away by your non-stop energy, communication, efficiency, and Loom Videos throughout our VIP Tech Intensive Day.Watching you knock out all those little things AND big things in my Shopify Store (that have been weighing on me for way too long) was sooo satisfying. Handing things over to a professional like you was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I FINALLY treated my business like a business.Before you came along, I hired people for a little of this or a little of that. Or I would scrap pieces of things together myself. But it didn't move my business forward, making it a complete waste of money. In one day (6 fun hours!), I upped my online store's game because of you. And there will be more! I can't wait!"

Investment: $1,000

melissa kaiserman,
your tech bff

HI! I'm Melissa, and I'm crazy about tech.Tech integration, troubleshooting, problem-solving, and creating systems are my favorite things to do. I've had the opportunity to practice and hone my skills while working with many different clients on a wide spectrum of platforms, both in ongoing business relationships and with one-time projects. I love serving small business owners.If it makes you want to throw your laptop, it's probably right up my alley!

Facebook Pixel + Pinterest Tag

If you don't have the Facebook pixel and Pinterest tag installed on your sites/shop with important conversion events firing, you are missing out on vital data that will help you retarget traffic and increase conversions. I am a pro at setting up and testing tracking and auditing your accounts.

Google Analytics

The data you can get from Google Analytics has always been important, but it's become even more so for those who run Facebook ads, since Ads Manager reporting is limited by iOS tracking restrictions. GA4 replaced Universal Analytics as of 7/1/23. I can help keep that data flowing for your business across all your domains/platforms!

Connecting Your Funnel Steps

Maybe you don't have any trouble with the actual setup on your various platforms, but when it comes to getting all the pieces integrated and functioning as an entire system, you're pulling your hair out strand by strand. I can relieve that stress for you.

Shopify Builds

I love building Shopify stores! At the end of the day, your shop will be built and have one product that's ready to go, and all you have to do is add the rest and open for business! (Or you can book another half day and have me finish your product setup.)

Tech Troubleshooting + Fixes

I have a knack for figuring out where to look and how to spot what is causing tech issues, and I am also skilled at fixing them. Even if a platform is not as familiar to me, I am rarely unable to solve the problem.

And More!

Have a punch list of a bunch of random tech needs, even across multiple platforms? Hand over that list and be amazed at how much I can accomplish when I'm focused only on your business!

I have experience with these platforms:

nicki hibbits
the ruffled purse

"It would have taken me days to complete what Melissa was able to do in just a few hours. From the initial point of contact to the very end of the Intensive, Melissa made it very easy for me to communicate my needs so she could then follow through on each task. While I'm thrilled with how efficient Melissa was in getting things done, my favorite part is the videos she recorded explaining how to move around on the different platforms so I know what to do on my own when I'm ready to take the next steps."

monica froese

"Melissa has been a total game-changer in my business with helping me troubleshoot complicated funnel and ad tech problems. I'm no stranger to working with online tools and it's rare I can find someone who understands my complicated questions. When I met Melissa, I was so relieved to have someone to help me figure out the really complicated issues that no one else understands, like passing dynamic values for advertising and figuring out why ad stats don't match a sales funnel.Melissa also set up my entire Shopify store from scratch which is something I wanted to do for years. On top of that, she's the tech mentor in my Pinterest advertising student group where she helps my students install their Pinterest Tag correctly. She really is my Tech BFF! I do not hesitate at all to recommend her."

sidneyeve matrix
valentine course design

"Working with and learning from Melissa was a brilliant opportunity. Her deep technical expertise paired with her considerable creativity and a clear communication style made my VIP Day a huge success. Melissa accomplished in six hours what would take me six days or more! So relieved and grateful to have landed a place on her calendar. Highly recommended, without reservation. Absolutely a five-star experience."

angie kantorowicz
making the basics fun

"I so so so appreciate everything. I really can't believe how much you were able to do. Wow. Wow. Wow. So excited to get things imported and into the hands for teachers. You are amazing. Thanks so much."

siu ling hui
cash flow kung fu

"I engaged Melissa to help me pull together all the techy bits to complete my move from Kajabi to ThriveCart Learn+. Very knowledgeable and efficient. I couldn't have done it myself (I am NOT techy at all)."

wendi eva

"Melissa is brilliantly tech savvy, and Your Tech BFF is the perfect outlet for her gifting! Your Tech BFF is designed to help people with the behind the scenes tech of their online presence— you know, the part that small business owners, like myself, hate doing because it takes away from the front end tasks involving our clients and the things we love creating!Not only is Melissa a focused and adept researcher, but she actually LOVES trouble-shooting and she is a getter-doner to the 10th degree! Top that all off with the sweetest personality and the heart of a teacher, and that’s what you get when you hire Melissa!I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Not sure whether what you need falls within my expertise or if it can be accomplished in one Intensive? Schedule a 15-minute discovery call to let me know your needs and we'll chat!

Please note that during our discovery call, we will not be brainstorming or strategizing. If that is what you need, you are welcome to book a 30-minute consultation. If you go on to book a Tech Intensive that is scheduled to take place within 30 days of your consultation, the cost and time can be applied toward the Intensive.


Why do you use the VIP Day business model?Because of the nature of my work, it is challenging to shift back and forth between different people's businesses over the course of a week, and particularly over the course of a day or two. I am much more effective when I am "in the zone," and I've found the way I best get in the zone is to focus on only one business for a block of hours at a time. However, it is rarely possible for me to achieve that when I have multiple projects going at once and I'm often waiting to hear back from someone before I can proceed, and so I have to move on to someone else's job and come back. It can also stretch out completion dates. This model is a win for both me and my clients.My à la carte services are an exception to this model, because they are often needed on a standalone basis and do not require as much focus in that case.

Can you promise to complete ABC + XYZ during the Intensive?What I guarantee to deliver through my Intensive is my time + intense focus on your business. I am very skilled and efficient, but how much I'm able to get done depends partly on how complicated your needs are and partly how responsive you are during the day of the Intensive. What I do promise is that you will get my complete focus and diligence. My clients are typically surprised by how much I'm able to accomplish. (With a punch list, I'll ask for more than you think I'll be able to get through, because I like to keep moving and not make you have to think of something more for me to do!)

Can we just meet on Zoom so you can walk me through the work as you do it?The format for my Intensives involves getting everything I need ahead of time and making sure I'm clear on your priorities, and then going in head-down with all senses tuned on your business. This is how I am able to accomplish a lot in a 6-hour time period. I would get far less done if meeting "in person" on Zoom, so the workflow I've set up is the best use of your investment. The great news is that I record a comprehensive, instructional walkthrough video when I'm finished, and you can refer back to it whenever you need to.

What if I don't currently have enough work for you to do to justify a full 6-hour Intensive?You have a couple options here. One is that you could keep a running list of tech tasks as you think of them and then book me when you think you have enough. Another option is to inquire about my Mini Tech Intensive, which is a 3-hour slot dedicated to your business. Those half days can be booked with permission via a direct link if I think I can accomplish what you're asking in that timeframe. (They're also great for adding on to full days if your list is long and we need more time but not necessarily an entire second day.)

© Melissa Kaiserman, Your Tech BFF